Hello, I'm Bob Corporaal

Designer // Strategic & Creative Design Thinker // Hands-on Creator

Designer // Strategic & Creative Design Thinker // Hands-on Creator

Designer // Design Thinker // Hands-on Creator

Designer and Creator

I’m a passionate designer based in Chicago, with 15+ years of experience in User Experience Design and Strategy. Over the years I have designed consumer and professional products in healthcare, e-commerce, travel, and innovation.

In everything I do I aim to bridge the gap between people and technology. My mission is to create meaningful and delightful experiences that truly meet the needs of users. Things that combine beauty and functionality.

I partner with multidisciplinary teams and help them succeed and grow. Besides working on the big picture, I love getting my hands dirty by sweating the little details of design and technology.

If you are interested in grabbing a tea (or coffee) and talking design, send me an email: bob@reefscape.net.


Design Principal
2017 - 2021
Principal Designer & Managing Director US
2015 - 2017
UX Director
2011 - 2015
Experience Director & Senior UX Consultant
2004 - 2010
UX Design & Strategy
2003 - 2004
UX & Visual Design

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